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Advanced Powder Brows

This training course is designed only for those with current Machine Brow experience.

All aspects of Powder Brows will be covered, including but not limited to:

  • Screening potential clients to ensure appropriate eligibility

  • Correct Consulting Methods & Expectation Setting

  • Shape Design

  • Colour Theory

  • Brow Patterns

  • Aftercare

Course Details

Advanced Powder Brows

For Qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artists only. 

All aspects of Machine Brows will be covered, including but not limited to; powder, ombre and combination brow, screening potential clients to ensure appropriate eligibility, correct consulting methods and expectation setting, shape design, colour theory, brow patterns and aftercare.

Lydia will demonstrate her techniques on a model and students will have the opportunity to work on their own model with feedback and guidance from Lydia. All training essentials provided - just bring yourself!

Course Cost: $2000 GST inclusive for 1 day or $3500 GST inclusive for 2 days.

Your training spot is secured with a $1000 deposit, and the balance is due before the first day of training. 

Course Requirements: Qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artists ONLY. This is not a beginners class. Training credentials and a portfolio of your current work must be provided to be accepted into the class. You will need to supply your own machine, needles & anaesthetics.

For further information or to enrol, please contact

Upcoming Course Dates:

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